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B i o g r a p h y

While most musicians move left or right to the coasts searching for a mohair life in the lights, Jeff Anderson planted himself firmly in his home town of Lafayette, Indiana. He was raised there and the blood that runs through him is all home, all folk and honest. After 25 years of teaching, the town bears his reputation, and students of all ages and interests have come through Jeff. He teaches them because it's in him, a long history of loyalty to his roots.
If Americana is taken as a word then he's taking it back and the good news is he can. Sweet melodies, subtle strong lyrics bring listeners right back to wherever it was when everything started. His songs are the stories behind rapid eyelids.  Jeff wields a guitar like he knows what it was built to sound like- from the earth to the tree, from the tree to its form, from the form to his hands and from that to this. Whatever this is all about maybe we'll never know, but Jeff Anderson will tell you exactly how he sees it.

"Jeff is not only an accomplished singer-songwriter, but an excellent guitarist as well.  He combines sweet melodies with strong lyrics and confident guitar playing to communicate his simple yet revealing, personal yet universal songs."

-Bill Price, Unbroken Bones Society.

Voted runner-up for best Music Lessons in Lafayette!  Contact Jeff for Guitar Lessons and Ukulele Lessons. 25+ Years Of Teaching Experience.

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